Kompany Believes Title Is Down to Them.

This Premier League campaign is turning out to be one of the most competitive since the past few years as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester are all staking their claim and proving that they are indeed capable as well as good enough to be crowned as the best club in England.

Jose Mourinho is making a splendid return to Chelsea while the partnership of Suarez and Gerrard are leading Liverpool to their first Premier League trophy in over 20 years. Despite all of these obstacles and fierce competitors, Vincent Kompany is confident that the fate of the title is lying on the hands of his teammates and no one else.

“It’s in our own hands and you can’t do more than that. There have been so many swaps and changes over the season, we are still very calm. By definition, I think we are the team in the League that can’t ever give up especially after the year we won it. Ultimately, it’s about the last straight line and we seem to pick it up at the right time.”

“It depends on what we can do in the future. For now, we continue in third position. Liverpool have three points more, Chelsea one more. But we have to win. If we do that, we will see. We are not thinking about goal difference’’. Kompany revealed.

Vincent Kompany has not been a consistent starter for Manchester City in this season but he remains confident in what his teammates are capable of doing and has the full support of the team which is being guided by the Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini who is going through his debut season with Manchester City.