Vincent Kompany showed great courage while playing for his national team Belgium in the World Cup Qualifying match against Serbia on Saturday. He had a nasty collision with the Serbian goalie Vladimir Stojkovic in the 34th minute of the match. Kompany’s nose got fractured during that collision.

Kompany was in a lot of pain on the ground. The team doctors immediately came for assistance and took him out. But, after remaining out for a few minutes, Kompany came back and remained on the field for the rest of the match.

This was a great display of dedication by the Belgian captain. Not many players would have opted to continue after such a severe injury, but, Kompany not only continued, he guided his team to a very important win.

Belgium won the match by 2-1. The goal scorers for them were Kevin De Bruyne and Marouane Fellaini.

After the completion of the match, Kompany went to the hospital where he was checked thoroughly and then, treated accordingly. The centre-back spent the night in the hospital and then, took the flight to Manchester next morning to be with his family.

The doctors who treated Kompany at the hospital later on told the reporters that the medical staff of the Belgian football team shouldn’t have allowed Kompany to continue after such a severe blow as it could have led to his death as well.
However, the team doctor of the Belgian team, Van Crombrugge, didn’t seem to agree with that. He said, “I don’t think it was a foolish decision. I knew that his nose had been fractured, but, his pupils were alright. We then examined him neurologically and let him continue.”

Kompany is expected to get fit before the start of the next Premier League season.