Kompany unconcerned about Chelsea lead

Chelsea’s 2-point lead in the league table is not a concerning thing for Vincent Kompany, not at this point of time. The Champion centre half reckons these are early days in the tournament and there’s enough time there for his team to displace the Blues from the top.
As per Kompany, even on the last two occasions when City became the champion, they had not been topping the table at the start. But, they did the catching up quite brilliantly and ended up overtaking all the other title rivals to achieve glory.
Speaking in an interview recently, the 28-year old said, “I am not concerned at all about us being a few points behind Chelsea. In 2011-12, Manchester United had a lead of 9 points, I believe, and there were only 6 matches to go. To overtake them from there was a monumental task, but, we did that and even in the previous season, Arsenal was so far ahead when the second half of the season started, but, they fell quickly. So, things do change in this competition and right now, there’s plenty of time left for any team to come back.”
The Blues were actually 5 points ahead of City coming into the weekend, but, a clinical win versus Aston Villa yesterday helped City get that number down to 2.
Chelsea is going to play later today though versus the Gunners at Stamford Bridge. If they win there, they will be able to take their lead to 5 points again.
Chelsea has not lost any of their league matches this summer, while, City has lost one i.e. versus Stoke City.
The no. of matches in which Chelsea has bagged full three points is 5, while, in City’s case, it’s only 4.