The captain of Manchester City, Vincent Kompany, has said that his team doesn’t need to panic because of the seven-point lead that Manchester United has at the moment.

Both Manchester City and Manchester United has played 21 Premier League matches each. United has managed to win 17 matches, while, City has won only 13 of them. United is at the top of the points table with 52 points, while, City currently has 45 points.

When asked about City’s position in the points table, Kompany said, “We are not too much worried about it. We had 8 points less than United with only 6 matches still to be played in the last season, but, we overtook United from that stage and won the league.”

“Two years back, had we been behind by 7 points, we would have thought that it would be an uphill task for us to recover, but, since we did it once, we know that we can do it again. So, there is no need to panic.”

“Anything can still happen. We have seen teams losing 3-4 matches in a row. So, we need to be patient and try to win as many games as possible. We should focus on things which are in our control. Obviously, the performance of the other teams is not in our control. So, we shouldn’t think too much about that. We should try to be consistent and grab as many points as possible.”

“We have 7 points less than United, this doesn’t mean that we have performed badly. We have lost only a couple of games so far in the league. Actually, United has been playing some high quality football right from the start of the season and if they continue performing like this, then, it will get a bit difficult for us to overtake them.”