Manchester City’s captain Vicent Kompany has warned fans to get ready for what the 2014 will bring as they will be going all out not only trying to secure the Premier League but every other trophy out there.

The team of Manuel Pellegrini had to dig deep and find a way out of their matches against Liverpool and Crystal Palace with a win, and indeed they did manage to do that.

Manchester City defeated Liverpool 2-1 and Crystal Palace fell victim to a lonely goal from the Bosnian Edin Dzeko as City won 1-0. Kompany downplayed what it meant to defeat Liverpool, as the entire team of Manchester City celebrated the conclusion of the match like if they had won the Premier League.

“It’s a massive win,” said the Belgian. “I don’t know if you saw but I think most of the players were as happy with this win as they were with the one against Liverpool. It’s a tricky period, a turnaround in 48 hours. It’s six points in 48 hours, which is a great boost.”

Kompany later continued stating that his team finished the 1st half of the season in a very positive way as they in the top 3 spots of the Premier League and if the year of 2014 continues rolling on as it started, then this season will be one to remember.

“Being top is important but in a way it doesn’t mean too much yet,” he said. “We’ve put ourselves in a nice position for the second half of the season.Ultimately it feels like we’ve played so many games but we have arrived in January and there’s actually still not much between all the teams.

“It’s been an intense first half of the season and if the second half is as intense and as good, then we’ll be looking at an incredible season.”

Manchester City won the Premier League title back in the season of 2011-2012 and are making a statement as they are attempting to win it once more.