Victor Valdes wants to leave Belgium and join the Premier League

Victor Valdes joined the Belgium club Standard Llege back on January and he is already voicing his displeasure with the team as the veteran shot-stopper is believed to be interested in joining a club in the Premier League.

According to recent reports, Valdes wants to join a club in the Premier League after his time with Standard Llege arrives.
The 34 year old shot-stopper is only playing for Standard Llegue on a loan deal which lasts until June and then he will have to make his return to Old Trafford as he returns to Manchester United but Valdes has an ongoing issue involving Louis van Gaal as they have an unhealthy relationship and now Valdes is very likely going to be offloaded from Manchester United or just not used at all even after he does make his return to the Premier League club.

Valdes is aware that his future with Manchester United is not a very promising one and he will have to search somewhere else for another club if he wants to continue performing at a competitive level.

A possible Premier League club that Victor Valdes might be able to join is Newcastle United as they were linked with the Spanish goal-keeper earlier in January. Newcastle United is searching for a goal-keeper who can be signed at a relative cheap price and that can be used as cover for Tim Krul who was hit with an anterior cruciate ligament injury which will be keeping him off of the pitch for the remainder of the season and Victor Valdes is a possible signing.

Only time will tell what happens with Victor Valdes but if there something certain is the fact that his career has been suffering a free fall after he left Barcelona and he hasn’t been able to pick things up ever since making his way out of the Spanish club.