Vincent Kompany and His Feats for City


Vincent Kompany bowed out from Lanchester after 11 years last year. By then he had about 360 appearances and 12 trophies to his name. He had played a role in the defense of the City that was vital for their success and hence, with him having departed, the difference is a noticeable one.

The city is missing Vincent, not only his talent but also of how he had been an integral part of the game squad. The Belgian player has been one of the finest defenders that the English team has seen. In his prime, he has been a hard-hitting and outstanding center back who was unstoppable. He was always at the heart of the defense of the Citizen’s team and had helped to acquire four of the titles in the Premier League championship. He had also been with Etihad where he played the role of a defender with great success.

The role of the captain that Kompany played also made him a marvel for the team, on the pitch or off it. He showcased considerable experience and leadership skills that helped to unite diverse nationalities across the squad, bringing people together of diverse abilities and backgrounds. When he wore the armband of the captain he was influential and he maintained considerable influence even behind scenes.  However, on the whole, his influence, as well as the contribution, was underrated till the time he was around. It showed when he left to join his Belgium team.

Though it is natural for players to move on, the mistake was that there was no suitable heir found to the throne that he emptied in City. Today, City faces the need for leadership that would help them regain their dominance in Premier League matches. Their defeat to Liverpool at Chelsea marked the changing of the guards here. It also brought an end of the dominance that the City had, for two and more years.