Vincent Kompany Appointment Fines Anderlecht

Anderlecht had been fined by Belgian FA because he named Vincent Kompany, the former defender of Manchester City as the head coach without him having he needed qualification. The Brussel’s side finished off the 6th last season in Belgian First Division. H has won only 1 league title in 5 years. Kompany had been appointed as the player-coach in the month of May. This move was to bring back energy to the club and take them on the path to success.

Nevertheless, so far, Kompany has struggled in his position. With just two victories in the 10 league games, they are in the 13th position on the table with 9 points. They are 14 points behind Club Brugge, the leaders.

Now, to add to the distress, Anderlecht has also been fined £4,315 by Belgian FA since all head coaches of the top clubs need to have a UEFA Pro License. This is something that the former player of Belgium doesn’t have.

The clubs had been aware of this requirement like they had stated that the former academy chief of Manchester City, Simon Davies, who had joined Company in Brussels, had been the head coach. However, Belgium FA has rejected the claims and they used the media statements of Anderlecht along with video clips against them to disprove the theory they have presented.

The association licensing committee made a statement regarding this matter and said that the club has disregarded the regulations and even though this has been against the rules, they didn’t step back to unveil a coach that doesn’t have a diploma.

Since then, Anderlecht has named Frank Vercauteren. He has the required qualification to be the head coach. The company continues in a playing capacity and the club has stated that Davies has been replaced by Frank Vercauteren. They have claimed that Davies is going to remain the assistant coach of the club.