Vincent Kompany is running against time

Time is running out for the 30 year old Belgium defender of Manchester City, Vincent Kompany as the last competitive match that he played was on November 19 when his team faced off with Crystal Palace and it was during that game that Kompany sustained a knee injury which has kept him out of the playing grounds for over 10 matches.

Vincent Kompany’s return to the pitch is still uncertain as the player is attempting to get fit as soon as possible in order to prove Pep Guardiola that he is ready and back to perform with the rest of the first team.

Manchester City has an upcoming Champions League match against Monaco which is scheduled to be played on February 21st but Pep Guardiola has to announce his official squad that will be performing for the European competition by February 1st.

If Vincent Kompany does not prove that he is fully fit and ready to get back to the pitch by February 1st then he will be dropped which is a huge blow not only for Manchester City but also for the Champions League in it’s entirety as Kompany is a talented played that is eager to compete in what is generally considered to be the toughest and prestigious tournament in the world of football.

Pep Guardiola has recently talked about the progression and situation involving Vincent Kompany and the 45 year old Spanish manager said:

“We are going to decide when we do the list about the players for the new Champions League and we will evaluate absolutely everything. He is tough because the situation is not easy for him so I can always analyze trying to be in their heads and when one guy has three years lots of injuries. Most of them were unlucky situations. It must be tough for the players but I would like he can feel we are there. In the centre back positions we are not too many players’’