Vincent Kompany wants to win everything with Manchester City

Vincent Kompany did not go through the best of times in the previous season with Manchester City as the Belgium defender had to cope with a number of injuries and underwhelming performances during the 2014-15 season which made him unable of performing at his high standards.

The captain of Manchester City is hoping he can put his underwhelming season behind him and focus on winning everything he can with his club. Kompany has recently seen his playing career take a downhill road as he was named as the Premier League Player of the Year during the 2012-13 season and now Kompany has recently been struggling trying to snatch a consistent starting role in the team as Manuel Pellegrini prefers using the defensive combination of Martin Demichelis and Eliaquim Mangala.

Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany expressed his desire to come back into the pitch stronger than ever as he said: told reporters: “At the level at which I play, I don’t expect flowers when things aren’t going well. The day I win a prize and I have a good season, people will say I’m the best defender in the world. When a forward dribbles past me, they’ll say I’m the worst defender in the world.

“The truth is that I can play football don’t worry and I’m coming back even stronger than before. I have to show it on the pitch. I don’t have a choice. That’s the challenge for me. Every day, I wake up in the morning motivated to go to work and ‘kill’ myself in training if necessary, because I know there are many things to come.”

Kompany wants to go all in and give it everything he has to compete against the biggest rivals of his club and take away the Premier League title from the current champions Chelsea.

Marco Reus left Borussia Dortmund

When the winter transfer window was opening up a few weeks ago, big clubs from around the world began to start searching around for potential signings and Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund turned into a plausible signing for a few clubs as he seemed to be unhappy with the German club and their current situation in the Bundesliga as Borussia Dortmund is currently located in the bottom relegation zone.

Marco Reus was expected to leave Borussia Dortmund as he wanted to join a club that had a real chance on winning major trophies but instead of leaving, it has now been revealed that he decided to sign a contract extension with the German side that will be keeping him with the team until 2019.

This is hugely surprising news in the world of football especially for those clubs that were interested in signing the 25 year old German midfielder which is the case of Manchester United and Liverpool. Both of those Premier League clubs had interest in signing him but failed on doing so and now As.Roma’sAdemLjajic has turned into a potential target.
AdemLjajic is a 23 year old attacking midfielder hailing from Serbia who plays in a similar position as Marco Reus and also has a release clause of around €20 million.

Manchester United has been attempting to sign Ljajicsince January of 2009 when the Serbian player had already completed a trial period at Old Trafford and just as all fingers were pointing towards United signing Ljajic, a problem emerged involving the club’s application for a work permit.

Now that the winter transfer window has closed, it will be difficult for Manchester United and any other club to sign AdemLjajic as the Sporting Director of As.Roma is expected to sit down with the player and extend his contract beyond his current deal which runs up until 2017. As.Roma isn’t interested in selling this young prospect for the future unless a significantly large and enticing cash offer is presented to them.

Pellegrini Still Hopeful Of Manchester City Making A Comeback

Manuel Pellegrini, the manager of Manchester City, doesn’t know why his team fails to perform up to the mark in Champions League in spite of having many major players in it.

Manchester city lost 2-1 against CSKA Moscow in Wednesday’s match. It was their second loss in group stage this season and as a result they have a very small chance of being able to qualify for the competition’s knockout stage. Manager Pellegrini said after his team lost to CSKA Moscow that there is indeed a lot of improvement to be made. Manchester City has the lowest place in the group and their last two group matches are against Bayern Munich and AS Roma.

Pellegrini is still hopeful that his team will be able to make it to the next stage of the competition. Though he doesn’t consider it to be an impossible task but he admitted that it would indeed be difficult for them. Pellegrini also said that the team’s morale has greatly decreased after they lost to CSKA Moscow. The manger said that there are examples of teams who, in spite of being far behind in the league at first, went on to become champions.

Pellegrini said that the team must never lose faith. He said that there are a few teams competing in this league who are as good as them. He thinks that if the team stays highly motivated and purposeful then they would be able to win. Pellegrini thinks that there is still enough time for Manchester city to make a comeback.

Pellegrini said after the match that he will not blame the referee’s decisions for their loss. He said that the team lost solely for the reason that they failed to perform. Pellegrini said that usually his team performs in a disciplined manner and that is why it is very important for him that the team returns to form.

Kompany unconcerned about Chelsea lead

Chelsea’s 2-point lead in the league table is not a concerning thing for Vincent Kompany, not at this point of time. The Champion centre half reckons these are early days in the tournament and there’s enough time there for his team to displace the Blues from the top.
As per Kompany, even on the last two occasions when City became the champion, they had not been topping the table at the start. But, they did the catching up quite brilliantly and ended up overtaking all the other title rivals to achieve glory.
Speaking in an interview recently, the 28-year old said, “I am not concerned at all about us being a few points behind Chelsea. In 2011-12, Manchester United had a lead of 9 points, I believe, and there were only 6 matches to go. To overtake them from there was a monumental task, but, we did that and even in the previous season, Arsenal was so far ahead when the second half of the season started, but, they fell quickly. So, things do change in this competition and right now, there’s plenty of time left for any team to come back.”
The Blues were actually 5 points ahead of City coming into the weekend, but, a clinical win versus Aston Villa yesterday helped City get that number down to 2.
Chelsea is going to play later today though versus the Gunners at Stamford Bridge. If they win there, they will be able to take their lead to 5 points again.
Chelsea has not lost any of their league matches this summer, while, City has lost one i.e. versus Stoke City.
The no. of matches in which Chelsea has bagged full three points is 5, while, in City’s case, it’s only 4.

Lampard On Loan To Manchester City

New York City FC sealed their signing of Frank Lampard but since the Major League Soccer team will not enter the league until March of 2015, the iconic figure of Chelsea has now been loaned out to Manchester City on a 6 month long deal.

The Chilean coach of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini confirmed Frank Lampard’s loan deal as he spoke to reporters and official announced it.

“From next Wednesday, he will start working with our team and will play for us until January. At the moment, he will start working with the squad because he is a member of the squad. So he will fight for a position. He knows that we have a very good team, he is one player more and we have a lot of games particularly with the Champions League, so he’s very important for our team.” Pellegrini said.

Frank Lampard wants to continue playing and maintain fit before he makes an official move and starts playing with the MLS outfit New York City FC. The veteran midfielder played wore the Chelsea jersey for 13 seasons where he went on making a name for himself as a consistent performer but now will be playing the last few years of his career in the MLS.

Manchester City has very busy schedule lying ahead of themselves as the Premier League club has to face off against Arsenal on August 10 at the Wembley Stadium with the Community Shield on the line. The Premier League will kick off only 7 days later as Manuel Pellegrini and his players have to start their campaign of defending their league title. A few weeks after that and City will begin their journey of making it into the Champions League as they will be playing in the group-stages of the European tournament which starts in September.

All of these matches will allow Frank Lampard on not only staying active before he officially moves on to the MLS but the veteran midfielder can also play an important role for Manchester City before he leaves the Etihad Stadium in January.

Kompany Believes Title Is Down to Them.

This Premier League campaign is turning out to be one of the most competitive since the past few years as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester are all staking their claim and proving that they are indeed capable as well as good enough to be crowned as the best club in England.

Jose Mourinho is making a splendid return to Chelsea while the partnership of Suarez and Gerrard are leading Liverpool to their first Premier League trophy in over 20 years. Despite all of these obstacles and fierce competitors, Vincent Kompany is confident that the fate of the title is lying on the hands of his teammates and no one else.

“It’s in our own hands and you can’t do more than that. There have been so many swaps and changes over the season, we are still very calm. By definition, I think we are the team in the League that can’t ever give up especially after the year we won it. Ultimately, it’s about the last straight line and we seem to pick it up at the right time.”

“It depends on what we can do in the future. For now, we continue in third position. Liverpool have three points more, Chelsea one more. But we have to win. If we do that, we will see. We are not thinking about goal difference’’. Kompany revealed.

Vincent Kompany has not been a consistent starter for Manchester City in this season but he remains confident in what his teammates are capable of doing and has the full support of the team which is being guided by the Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini who is going through his debut season with Manchester City.