Manchester City has extended the contract of its captain, Vincent Kompany, for another six years. The extension of Kompany’s contract has been announced by the club on 26th July. After the extension of the contract, Kompany thanked the manager and the owners for trusting his abilities and extending his contract. He said that playing for Manchester City has been an amazing experience.

Kompany joined Manchester city 4 years ago in 2008. He was signed on a contract of four years. But, in his very first season for Manchester City, Kompany performed pretty well. After just one season, his contract was extended for the next five years. Kompany continued giving impressive performances for City. After 2010-11 season, Roberto Mancini had said that Kompany is one of the best defenders in the world at the moment. Under the captaincy of Kompany, Manchester City won the Premier League title for the first time last season.

Kompany said that winning the premier League title was not easy for them. He has given a lot of credit to the manager, Roberto Mancini, for that win. As per Kompany, Mancini is a fine manager and since his appointment as the manager of Manchester City, the team has improved considerably. Kompany said that the premier League victory was a collaborative effort of the whole team. Each and every member played his part.

After the Premier League victory of the club last season, Kompany has been praised a lot due to his fantastic leadership qualities. But, Kompany doesn’t think that his captaincy played a key role in the Premier League victory. He said that a good team makes a captain look good. The team won because the players performed brilliantly and not because of his captaincy. He also said that the players have to show the same kind of intensity on the field in the upcoming season as well.